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340g Canned Chicken Luncheon Meat

Details Introduction 

1. Ingredients:
Chicken,Starch,Soy sauce,Sugar ,Salt,Refined vegetable oil,Spices.

2. Packing: 
Tin pack: Paper label tin; Printed tin

Specification Capacity of 1X20FCL
198G 198G * 72 TINS / CTN 1400 CTN
198G * 36 TINS / CTN 2800 CTN

 3. Delivery time:
35-60 days after receiving the advance payment for first cooperation with us. Regular orders just need about 30days to finish.


(1)Usually in one 20FCL container, we contain the service of production, shipping,commodity inspection,customs declaration,ect.
(2)We also can accept 500cartons as the MOQ,containing the service of production, help shipping,commodity inspection,but need client have their own customs declaration ability.


Chicken is preferred. Chicken meat is tender and tastes delicious, contains a lot of protein, has high digestibility, and is easily absorbed and utilized by the human body.

The selection of materials is exquisite, mainly chicken thigh meat, the meat quality is strictly controlled, the meat grains are clearly visible, and the entrance is full of meat, mellow but not greasy.

Product quality

Strictly selected suppliers have the entire chicken industry chain, from crop breeding and feed production to animal husbandry, slaughter and processing, covering every link to ensure the safety and traceability of product quality.

Easy to eat

Whether it is a "sandwich" or "hamburger" for breakfast, luncheon meat with instant noodles, or luncheon meat cooked in hot pot, it is mouthwatering. Even a bowl of plain noodles, after placing 2 slices, it immediately made people appetite! With it, you can easily solve the problem of eating at home and work.

Why choose us

Experience: We have more than 13 years of experience in producing all kinds of canned food, such as Stewed Meat,Luncheon Meat, Rice Pudding, Mushroom,ect. We know many kinds of production technology in producing canned food and have specialists in producing it.

Team: With a professional team of producing, managing and selling.Main technological stuff have more than 10years’ industry experience.

Global Reach: We have clients from many countries, such as Solomon, Philippines, Mauritius, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, India, ect.

Advantage: We can provide both of our brand and yours’ brand products. We also can provide almost all products of needed model number.And our product are very stable and good compared with many competitors.


Ask: Can you tell me what kinds of canned beef meat you can offer?
Answer: Yes, of course. We can produce pork luncheon meat, chicken luncheon meat, beef luncheon meat, Canned Hot-pot Pork Luncheon Meat, Premium Luncheon Meat, High Quality Ham, Canned Choice Ham Chopped Pork With Ham, Braised lean, Bamboo Shoots Meat, Duck with preserved vegetable, Pork(Sliced) with preserved vegetable, Pork with preserved vegetable, roasted goose, pork and ham, Canned Pork Liver,ect.

Ask: Do you have your own brand? Or if I want it be my own brand?
Answer: Yes, we have our own brands:For foreign trade, our brand is Pandian. For domestic, we have several brands: Fudian, Guanghao, Shengxiang,ect. You also can use your own brand, it’s up to you.

Ask: Do your company have some certificates so that we can believe you?
Answer: Of course, we have some certificates. You can click this site to know the details about our certificates.

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